Marching Towards the Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is an online game that is well known for its multiplayer mode and good graphics. Battlefield 4 reviews, show that as a gameplay, BF4 has a huge number of followers. If you buy Battlefield 4, you can enjoy the game with your friends. Various directions for play such as the compass and the mini-map help  in navigating the game; the health meter and the ammo counter gives information regarding the ammo materials and the health aspects; kill notifications are provided about the soldiers while the chat window helps in keeping contact with other players. There are various entities marked in blue, green and orange useful for interactivity while playing, showing allies, squadmates and enemies. The three main factions played are the United States, Russia and China.

Using Weapons

Weapon crates can be used so that players can switch weapons and obtain ammo. The crates are filled with weapons, provided by default, while collectible weapons are used when they are acquired, while playing in the game. There are level-specific weapons that are assigned for assignments meant for specific missions. While using light machine guns, shotguns and assault rifles, the player requires good aiming power. But for semi-automatic marksman rifle and bolt action rifles, accurate aiming is required. There are many structures that can be destroyed only through the rocket launchers of the Engineers. Weapons have varying firing modes such as automatic firing and semi-automatic firing. Targets are spotted so that their positions are marked to gain points for the team.

Functional Roles

The squad has various team members playing functional roles. The Engineers help to eliminate enemies and their vehicles. The Recons should be good at sniping and make frequent kills. The Support helps to support the teammates. The Assault kit has to kill the enemies and if the player is killed he should be re-spawned. Supports should be helpful and protective towards their teammates while hitting out at opponents. Enemy vehicles will have to be targeted by the engineers who are armed with equipments and weapons. Making the best use of them helps the engineers to be match-winners.

Player Tactics

Players can also combat melee attacks in various positions like crouching or when standing, through sidearm shooting, through diving and swimming underwater so that enemies do not detect them. The game requires that the player remain alive, which is by itself a tough task, but he can be re-spawned back to life again. Playing habits should be frequently changed, to help the player stay alive. Combining walking and running should be done, so that the player can keep himself protected while attacking. Accuracy in aim is an important factor that has to be practiced. The player has to note every tiny detail, to improve his accuracy. He should choose the sights carefully and make his aims perfect

Buy Battlefield 4 to implement various tactics that can add points and help in boosting up the leveling such as Head shots and Killing. Players enjoy the game and have shown their appreciation to the game, through positive opinions on the Battlefield 4 review.

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