An Overview of Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

The wealth of free content and the easily understandable rules are what make this a great card game. Excellently paced unlockables, satisfying and elaborate card animations and it has been well received for the brilliant way of giving a deeper appreciation for superficial enjoyment. No matter how long or how many times you play the game, you will find yourself getting back to the game again and again like iron drawn to the magnet.

Deep, yet understandable

The brilliance of the game lies in the fact that it does not rely on complicated and complex rule interaction in order to make or sustain the play level. Most of the card effects are easy to understand and make use of very few words to communicate. With 5 health and 4 attack, Chillwind Yeti is an excellent mid-game minion. Assassinate destroys minion while the 6 damages are dealt with by fireball. All you have to do is play spell cards and minion till you manage to deplete your opponent’s health. However, this game is not exactly where luck has a role to play. Every step along the way, you will have to make a clear cut choice and build your way up. It requires timing, strategy and attention to get to the bottom of this game that has plenty of depth and is still accessible.


Hearthstone’s incredible attention to detail as well as its polished approach is more than enough to get you out of frustration when you meet an attack. In fact, every minion has a unique sound of their own for when they attack, play or die. Though unpredictability adds to the fun of the game, there are chances that you get the random card damage which will affect the effort that you have put in. Hearthstone gives you the perfect dosage of random effects. You will be able to buy a new premium pack of cards with the currency that you get through Daily Quest System. You can also use this currency in order to go to the Areana mode of Hearthstone’s premium card drafting.


The biggest drawback of this game is that it does not give you the option to trade cards. Once you have unlocked most of the packs, you will find it difficult to find the few elusive cards required to complete your set as you start opening other packs of games. The game also lacks a tournament mode which would have been a good way to meet other players and go head on towards attaining the prize. Spectator mode, stat-tracking, logging and relays are some other featured options that can be added to further enhance the game and make it appealing to a larger crowd of people.

The accessible depth that Hearthstone download has for the user is the biggest positive sign for the game which shows impressive attention to personality and detail. Moreover, the fact that the true viability of the game is for free, you will find yourself getting lost within its strategic possibilities.

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