World of Tanks and Historical Missions

The world of tanks online is played in the multiplayer mode and is completely about armored warfare. It throws the players to the battles of World War II. Historical accuracy is provided for all the armored vehicles which are from America, the Soviet Union and /Germany. The world of Tanks download is team based and concerned with the epic battles using tanks from World War II. It balances fun, detail, action and depth in its free to play game.

Weapons for Combat

Vehicles and Weapons have been upgraded and developed. Foes are killed through light tanks while breeches are made through medium tanks. The giant tanks have helped to eliminate enemy forces that are armored or you can also be sniped. The light, medium and heavy tanks are the tanks used in the game. Tank destroyers and self-propelled guns such as SPGs, artillery guns and cannons are also used. There are various armored vehicles that come from countries like Britain, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France, Soviet Union and China.

Commanding Team Work

As a commander, you have a central role to play, but without Teamwork, nothing can be achieved. Each player has an important role in the battlefield and the strategies have to built and carried out with great authority. Armored warfare through tank-on-tank collision helps in multiple genres. The strategy used is to pull in the entire team through assigning roles and having a good battle plan. Action plans include spotting, tracking and destroying enemy units. Action should be taken instantly without any waste of time. RPG should be upgraded and modified frequently to improve performance. Clan Wars can be played through Strong Holds and Global Map. Players can get deep into the game with armor, ammunition, and crew member training. The game can also be played simply through planning strategies and implementing them into action.

Tank Designs

Tank varieties are the most important feature that draws players to the game. Unlocking the different tanks available from seven countries is very impressive. Battlefields are also found in a wide range. They are large and numerous with matches played across countryside’s, mountain regions, industrial places and desert regions. Maps are provided to show the way, the location and to help in navigation.


The World of Tanks has a good review and it also holds a very good (80/100) Metacritic score. The Guinness World Record has selected World of Tanks for the “Most Players Online Simultaneously on one MOG Server”. The original version of World of Tanks PC has been updated with new battlegrounds, extra tanks and visual treats. Players continue to stay with the game from the initial version. Each minute detail is given importance on each tank model. Using the tanks and going forward into battle has easy applicability without too many commands to confuse the player. The player can just drive the tanks, aim for the target and shoo, it’s as simple as that. Sound effects are superb while the tanks and the terrain are fully updated with good map specifications. Though there are some flaws, the game is fun to play.

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