Age of empire online game

Be a 90’s kid or 20’s this one PC strategy game would have been a big time favorite. Age of empire is a famous game by EA games. It is a PC game developed with multiplayer’s in-built. It has made its extension as online game several years ago yet it is still in phase with online real time strategy gamers all around the world. This game is all about building your own empire like a roman one and attacking/safeguarding your opponents/own territory. Age of empire has 3 parts as well. It is not an extension of the game but has more features as well as it marks the evolution of man-kind during its war zones.

You can play as a single player or multi-player. You can choose the color through which your army, farmers and empire will be denoted as in the map. One color is denoted to one player only so that there is no further confusion. You will be assigned with a home town building and a small set of worker, army and priest which you can use to develop your town. Workers gather basic necessities and store them in home-town building so that is an important building to take care of from your enemies. Using those collected wood, gold, stone etc you can build more houses, church, watch towers, gates, university, castle and so on. You can generate workers and army members in their respective building by using your wood, stone and gold. Every building has its own purpose and can build up tools for the development of the people in that empire which is the evolution age.

After completing certain criteria you can upgrade the age your empire is living in by upgrading from your home town in return for stored food and goods. After completion if upgradation you will notice the changes in the buildings and new features open up. New members of army can be generated too and new tools can be invested in. New building are available as well. You need to explore the map yourself as it shows only the area in which your people reside and touched. So you can send in cavalry to explore the whole map and get an idea where your opponents are where the rivers, trees, gold mines, replica and so on. During this phase your explorer might get killed by opponent as they tend to kill each other but that’s ok when you play the game once you will realize it won’t matter. Your opponents do the same for exploration.

The visual effects are amazing and as this game is directly related to the evolution of era it is quite interesting to see the history and the way things used to be back in ..lets say medieval ages then you can notice a prominent change of eras by upgrading home-town. You also get the taste of being a ruler and of course you can use cheat codes hahaha but its really about strategy and time constraint that how wisely and efficiently you build your empire up. Raising a battle and playing around it is amazing. It does not adds up to violent games as the demised people are vanished up from the group screen so it is more about learning and winning than being violent.

Audio-effects certainly add to this game. Without those unique sounds and tones there won’t be any fun to the game literally. The background music changes according to the scenario in your empire ,may it be battle or smoothly functioning place. Each operation has its specified sound and it all adds up to the gaming experience. If you are a gamer you must have already played it all through but if not then it is suggested to experience this amazing game!

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