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Wolfenstein 3D is a first person shooter video game developed by id software for PC and the game became more popular mainly because the game inspired with the ancient castle world. The entire game prevails in and out of wolfenstein castle initially the game was ported for PC and video game console later has been expanded as wolfenstein 3D online game.

There are several episodes available in the game and each episode is featured with nine levels which the player has to be finished in sequence manner. Each level gets completed by reaching an elevator which automatically leads to the next level of the game. The player has to fight against to the security, dogs and many characters in order to maintain his health and ammunitions. In case if the player health comes to zero then the user loses one life along with his or her guns and ammunitions except a eight round pistol and knife.

Weapons used in the game

The ammunitions like submachine gun and a rapid firing chain gun can be used by the player to kill his enemies. The player can complete the level either by killing his enemies or by escaping from them without grapping their attention. This is the best trick work nazik, the player begins each episode with three life’s initially and he can gain more lives by finding the extra life by earning 40,000 points in the game.

In previous version of the game the player is allowed to save the game in the middle of play but in wolfenstein 3D online version the player can save the game only when he complete the particular level. The treasures are scattered throughout the level which in turn helps the user to boost his score. In order to escape from the enemy the player can search for secret passages in walls which can lead him to caches of treasures, to eliminate his enemy and to discover the hidden secrets. In each level player can gain more extra bonus points.

Interesting feature in wolfenstein 3D game

There are some interesting features available in wolfenstein 3D game which makes them unique from other game and the result in maximum wolfenstein 3D download done by the peoples around the world.

  • Each episode has different boss who must killed by the player.
  • Unlike normal enemies the boss enemies are drawn from one angle.
  • Initially the boss remains as stationary and remains as inactive till they see the player.
  • When maximum number of bosses is dead then you can watch a replay of death is shown before the episode ends.
  • In higher levels the exit elevator is designed behind the boss.
  • In the final level of the game is to find the maps and plans of the chemical war.
  • The game ends with final battle between blazkowicz and general fetlgesich at castle Offenbach.

The wolfenstein 3D download can be done through their official website and the player can control the game using mouse, keyboard or by functional keys.

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